A mainstream news program originating from Coruscant leads off with its headline story during brunch hour…

The animated logo of GNN plays as the broadcast begins. The intro music plays, with the anchor speaking over the tail-end of it.

“This just in, we’ve got live coverage of the Grand Festival of Empress Vaylin on Zakuul! That’s right folks, the Empress’s media secretary has granted GNN the right to raw footage of her party at her palace on Zakuul. Our attending reporter on the ground, Jan Durling, will give us additional details. How’s the party down there, Jan? Having fun?”

A young human woman in nearly garish formal attire is shown; Zakuulan citizens and a smattering of waiters and other staff are passing by in the background.

“You betcha, Cathy! Zakuulan socialites and partygoers are everywhere. I got the chance to mingle with a few of them, and I was even able to personally give my compliments to the chef and kitchen staff for an excellent nerf steak.”

“That’s great Jan.”

The feed cuts to a holorecording from one of Zakuul’s droid holocameras.

“And here we can see Indo Zal, personal attendant to Empress Vaylin, talking to two Zakuul Knights. What do we know about Indo Zal, Jan?”

The feed returns to Jan Durling, who is talking to a rather handsome Zakuulan. She turns around suddenly, looking a little surprised and blushing as she returns her earpiece to its place.

“Oh! Uh, yes, Indo Zal. He’s the personal attendant to Empress Vaylin, and rumor has it he is not happy with her rule. We can’t confirm or deny these rumors, but some say that he’s an Alliance sympathizer. He denies these claims, though, and has stated in the past that his only desire is to throw the grandest parties in the galaxy!”

“And it seems he’s outdone himself this time, Jan.”

Without warning Vaylin approaches on her platform and is surrounded by three droid holocameras. The GNN broadcast switches rapidly from feed to feed until it settles on alternating between her hologram and raw footage from her droids.

“Zakuul! My empire! The Alliance tried to destroy me, but I ground them to dust. Now the Outlander hides in fear, as my fleet rips through the galaxy.”

“I am the wrath of the dragon’s fire. I am your eternal empress!”

Cheering from the Zakuulan citizens follows Vaylin’s posturing.

“Today we celebrate the Eternal Empire’s strength, and watch our enemies suffer. The rebels who spit on Izax… and the worm who betrayed me.”

Several prisoners, including Indo Zal, are paraded around the central pit and then pushed onto the ray shield. A mixture of fear and hatred cloud their expressions, but they put up little struggle against their Skytrooper captors.

“They deserve an eternity of torment. And no one, not even the Outlander, can save them.”

A figure strides through the crowd and speaks out loudly enough for even Vaylin to hear atop her platform. The cameras do not make out the face of the Outlander very well, nor do they capture the Outlander’s voice very accurately.

“The Alliance never abandons its own!”

Without warning, the ray shield deactivates, and the prisoners and their Skytrooper captors are dropped into the pit. Vaylin approaches the railing of her platform, placing one hand on her hip while the other hand gestures at the Outlander.

“So you’re Indo’s puppet master - or is Father controlling you both?”

The Outlander responds once more.

“You’re the only one under Valkorion’s spell. Does the public know about your conditioning?”

The GNN broadcast changes feeds to show Vaylin reaching out with her hands and using the Force to pull a decoration hanging from the palace ceiling. Before she can drop it on the Outlander, the distorted voice rings out again.

“Kneel before the dragon of Zakuul!”

Vaylin drops to her knees and screams; the huge decorations drops and shatters into several chunks in the back of the main hall.

“Smile for the cameras!”

After the Outlander’s lame one-liner, several EMP explosions rock the palace; Zakuul Knight squads acting in response are held up by the beasts released from automated captivity and some of the citizens begin to ambush the Skytroopers and take their weapons from them. Vaylin activates her yellow lightsaber and scowls.

“You can’t win, Outlander!”

“Your own people have joined the Alliance. I’d say you already lost.”

“After I kill you, I’ll mount Indo’s head on the throne room wall.”

The palace is rocked once again by more explosions, and the blaster bolts from a gunship’s cannon rip through the glass and burn the flesh of some of the panicking citizens. Zakuulan troopers enter the upper level, and a holocamera droid catches former Emperor Arcann while another shows Vaylin leaving the platform. The feeds on the GNN broadcast are switching rapidly as some of the holocamera droids are destroyed in the fighting. The Outlander and another dressed in a red and black jacket jump into the central pit just before the blast doors close over the pit.

Suddenly, the feeds show Vaylin and Arcann dueling in the roof garden. She throws a speeder at him, knocking him over. As Arcann recovers, she jumps over his body onto a speeder, which zooms away after a short moment. The dialogue between the Outlander and Arcann is lost in the sounds of battle and chaos nearby, and the two begin fighting Vaylin’s Horizon Guard. After they are defeated, Arcann and the Outlander turn to the remaining droid holocameras and start speaking, but the feed is lost for the duration of the Outlander’s speech. When it returns, it shows Eternal Fleet ships bombarding the palace, which explodes in short order.

The feeds are lost once again and the stunned anchor’s mouth is hanging open slightly.

“That… that was something. Um.”

She starts to look at her datapad, then around at the camera crew surrounding her.

“We’ll have a panel discussing the incredible turn of events today in three standard hours. Stay tuned for more information.”

The news is once again abuzz with talking heads debating and analyzing the events of Vaylin’s crashed party and the implications of the Outlander and former Emperor Arcann working together.

Alarms begin blaring suddenly all over Cadannia, and the oversized turrets on the roof of the temple spool up.

Swiftly, a dispatch of Eternal Fleet ships move in above around Cadannia, weapons bristling. Breaking from the cluster, a small strike craft drops toward the atmosphere and hails the Temple, blaring a message.

"We know you're there, Jedi. Surrender to the Zakuul, or be destroyed. This is your only warning."

A mainstream news program originating from Coruscant leads off with its headline story during dinner hour…

The animated logo of GNN plays as the broadcast begins. The intro music plays, with the anchor speaking over the tail-end of it.

“This just in! We’ve been given a live feed straight from Alliance Headquarters on Odessen.”

The familiar figure of former Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, a green-skinned Twi’lek dressed in a white tunic and cloak, ascends the ramp to the platform. Many Alliance members are gathered in an unruly mob in front of the platform, but uncertainty is drawn on their faces and no one makes a move; low murmuring and whispering increases as more people gather into the assembly. With a confidence and brashness typical of her term as Supreme Chancellor, Saresh strides to the podium and allows a dramatic pause before she begins to speak.

“Members of the Alliance! As many of you have already heard, your commander is dead.”

The last word is quieter than the others, and a news feed closeup of her visage shows a brief hint of uncertainty in the word’s use.

The murmuring of the Alliance assembly grows into a clamor as several members are shown with despair on their own faces. A clang sounds out off-screen, with no indication as to where it came from.

“There are dark times ahead. But fear not, I have come to offer you a beacon!”

A figure enters the crowd, which promptly parts to allow it to come forward. As Saresh sees the Outlander, the fear on her face is so pronounced that it’s almost comical seeing the rapid transition.

The former Supreme Chancellor turns and starts to run from the podium, until a blonde Sith dressed in a grey tunic draws her red lightsaber. A man with cybernetic implants wearing a red and black jacket and brown pants approaches with his blaster drawn. Saresh, cornered, turns to face the Outlander.

“I assume you know everything, then.”

The Outlander doesn’t say a word, instead opting to throw a hard punch straight to the Twi’lek’s face.

“I’ll take that as a yes. It doesn’t matter. The Alliance needs a leader like me. I saw an opportunity and I took it. I won’t apologize for that.”

The blonde Sith speaks out with contempt.

“We are well beyond apologies.”

The man with his blaster drawn speaks out as well.

“What do we do with her?”

Saresh replies with no remorse in her voice, but instead a seeming defiance.

“Execution, I expect. It’s what Vaylin would do. It’s what I would do.”

Before the Outlander has a chance to respond, the live feed cuts out. The anchor’s head reappears on the screen.

“Ohhh no. Let’s see if we can get the holo back, obviously we lost our connection. Sorry about the technical difficulties, we apologize for the inconvenience. Anyway…”

The anchor doesn’t even show a hint of genuine consternation at the loss of the live feed. Slightly covered by his podium, a small button pinned to his formal jacket says, “Saresh for Chancellor ATC 23.”

On other news channels, the media explodes with analysis and debate between talking heads over the implications of what is presumably Saresh’s ultimate deposition by the Outlander. A statement made by Supreme Chancellor Madon follows shortly thereafter, condemning the Alliance for actions against a former Supreme Chancellor and esteemed citizen of the Republic.

A mainstream news program originating from Coruscant leads off with its headline story during lunch hour…

The animated logo of GNN plays as the broadcast begins. The intro music plays, with the anchor speaking over the tail-end of it.

“Breaking news! The Eternal Empire has attacked the planet Voss with extreme prejudice. The Eternal Fleet has been spotted bombarding the city of Voss-ka and several outlying settlements. Our reporter in the system, Jan Durling, has the scoop.”

A hazy hologram of a young human woman appears, with a projected background including a backdrop of Voss in the distance.

“Cathy, it is looking dangerous out there. The entire Eternal Fleet is set up around Voss, and our most powerful scanners are having trouble getting a good view of the battle. We’ve gotten reports from HoloNet social media on the ground that Skytroopers and Zakuul Knights are moving in on sections of Voss-ka that have already taken a beating from orbital bombardment, and, it looks like… yes, it looks like another species is fighting back against the Eternal Empire. They are called ‘The Gormak,’ that’s right, and apparently they have not had friendly relations with the Voss in the past.”

“Going to our expert on Outer Rim affairs…”

The news program cuts to a male Zabrak explaining who the Voss and Gormak are to uninformed members of the Coruscanti populace, and the reason why the planet has been historically important on the galactic stage in the past. After this segment ends, the broadcast returns to the anchor.

“Continuing our most recent coverage of the battle on Voss, I’m joined now by foreign policy expert Gram Rethir. Mister Rethir, can you tell us about what this battle between the Alliance and the Eternal Empire will mean for the galaxy?”

Gram Rethir, a green middle-aged male twi’lek wearing a formal suit and coiled lekku around his neck, clears his throat and begins to speak with a slight Rylothian accent.

“Well Cathy, I have to say that first and foremost the battle means that Empress Vaylin is cracking down on the Alliance. This is, uh, a show of force to let everyone know that she means business right out the gate... after Emperor Arcann’s deposition. We know from reports in Wild Space that the Outlander has made very, um, bold moves against the Eternal Empire very recently, venturing from Alderaan to Nar Shaddaa to destroy the Star Fortresses garrisoned over those worlds. The Battles of Darvannis and Odessen showed that the Alliance is a threat to be taken seriously, and Empress Vaylin wants to allay any concerns about the legitimacy of her authority.”

“That was Gram Rethir, foreign policy expert. Thank you, Gram.”

Rethir looks like he is about to say something else but his feed is cut off and the broadcast zooms out to return to a full shot of the news podium. Cathy, the anchor, puts two fingers to her earpiece and listens for a moment. There is a slight hitch in the program’s broadcast, and an alternate shot is shown to the audience of her news podium.

“This just in, the Alliance fleet has arrived in the system from hyperspace, and is now engaging the Eternal fleet. Several capital ships and frigates have been deployed, followed by, yes, followed by dropships going to the surface.”

From a good distance, the broadcast cuts to Jan Durling’s camera, which shows a new set of ships, evenly divided in appearance between Republic and Imperial models. News coverage continues for hours, bringing in talking heads who analyze the battle and make predictions about its outcome, until another key moment in the battle, which shows raw news footage of ships led by Empress Acina of the Sith Empire arriving from hyperspace.

“... and the Sith Empire has joined the battle! Jan, what does it look like down there?”

“The arrival of the Imperial ships has turned the tide of the battle, Cathy. It looks like the Eternal Empire is retreating from the system… the Alliance and the Sith Empire are victorious...”

“Casualty reports are coming in. We’re seeing numbers in the thousands for the native inhabitants, and the planet as a whole has been devastated by the orbital bombardment…”

More talking heads are shown on the broadcast to discuss the ramifications of the Sith Empire and the Alliance allying and working together. The entire standard day is a nonstop barrage of news footage and analysis, with various news programs all over the galaxy talking about the attack on Voss and the Alliance’s victory.

A mainstream news program originating from Coruscant leads off with its headline story during breakfast hour...

The animated logo of GNN plays as the broadcast begins. The intro music plays, with the anchor speaking over the tail-end of it. 

"Gooood morning, Coruscant and people of the galaxy! Today is Taungsday, third month and day, 21 ATC, and you're watching Around the Galaxy on GNN."

The lead anchor pauses for another quick music clip, then begins speaking with a backdrop of the Eternal Fleet being filmed live from an orbital satellite. 

The people of the Republic are jubilant today as we celebrate the anniversary of our peace treaty with the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, known as T-Day! Emperor Arcann has dispatched a massive fleet of Zakuulan ships to parade around the Coruscant system shooting off amazing pyrotechnic displays in celebration. Get your holocameras out and turn off the lights tonight, folks - it's going to be quite a show up there! Becky?"

"Becky" pipes up as the video feed fades to a middle-aged human woman seated at a desk with a headset on. She cheerily responds.

"That's right, Jackie! Many of Coruscant's leading corporations are planning to shut off all non-essential lighting from 10 o'clock in the evening until almost sunrise. It'll be a great night for looking at the stars, enjoying the show, and saying thanks to our benefactor, Emperor Arcann!"

Jackie walks onto the set and has a seat next to Becky, nodding with a smile.

"Mhm! Even those who are planet-bound will be able to enjoy the show, maybe even drag out that old telescope and do a little astronomy with the kids tonight! ..."

There's a slight pause as Jackie places her hand on her commlink, then nods ever so subtly.

"And we've just gotten word that Emperor Arcann has graciously sent a personal address to the citizens of the Republic in response to their celebration of T-Day. ... The message is text only, and is being displayed on your screen now."

The anchor begins reading the message.

"Emperor Arcann writes to us, 'Greetings, citizens of the Republic. The Eternal Throne of Zakuul recognizes and appreciates your continued fealty and hard work in keeping the peace between the Eternal Empire and the Republic. We have all sacrificed much to reach this point, but I believe the best days for the Empire are still ahead of us. Together, our two people will march side by side toward a bright and glorious future.

We will stamp out the cells of resistance that cling to the old world, those who would seek to undo all that we have built together. Today is a reminder that their ideals are misguided, their actions perverse, and their motives unjustifiable; they are not to be tolerated, harbored, or followed. I will personally do all that I can to protect the people of the Republic from these destructive elements that hide within our society; they will be rooted out and eliminated. We cannot afford to let them impede our progress.

Join me in celebrating our two peoples' annual Treaty Day together, and bear witness to the greatness of the Eternal Fleet's absolute might as it makes its way through your home system. It is this everlasting power that stands between the Eternal Throne and those who seek to topple it; sleep safely tonight knowing that I will use this Fleet's full capabilities to protect and defend the independence of the Republic and to eradicate any and all dissidents.

The Eternal Empire watches over you all -- now and forever.'"

The other anchor picks up as the lead finishes reading.

"If you just tuned in, you were listening to a very heartfelt and sincere message from our benefactor, Emperor Arcann of Zakuul. The full message will be posted on our holonet page. We'll be back after a quick commercial break. Happy T-Day everyone! This is GNN."

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